Surprise! Miss Swirl featured in Nakid Mag

While I still have to tell you about the day I met Olly, here's the gorgeous piece published on Nakid Magazine. Enjoy ♡...   Read the whole article and have a look at full magical pictures here:   Love


Stay away from my sadness, Mona Lisa

It was a matter of a glance cast carelessly during a business meeting, we were discussing to build a start-up with a few colleagues in the fashion industry and we were looking for possible collaborators. He wasn't there as a candidate, instead he was a chaperon for his friend. During the appointment, I could feel [...]

DON’T marry the best friend!

Letter after wedding Dear Karma, When Simona asked me to be her model for a Tuscan wedding, my first words were: A B Solutely YES! But, this it what my marriage would have looked like: 1) My family forgets about it and keeps calling me to know where I am 2) I leave Florence and a Kraken [...]

So, when are we going to have sex?

*Bling* I open the chat, there's a picture of me lying half naked inside a post-production box on his screen; the expression of my face suggests I am so far ahead in some sensual world where the touch of my fingers passing over my neck is like feathers tickling the skin until goosebumps appear. "Porn [...]

What happens if you’re in your twenties and you decide you’d like to be a nude model, but your boyfriend is “just a jealous guy”

Moving in with your boyfriend is somewhat something natural when you're in a serious relationship, but let your boyfriend move in with you in your small studio apartment can be quite tricky. I think no matter how many people whose suggestions you usually look up to tell you this is a bad idea, some things [...]